We provide a wide array of bonuses like no other MSO. Our bonuses are based on various quality metrics and the growth of our MSO.

Experienced Administration

We count with a back-office of over twenty specialists who offer a comprehensive set of management skills and in-depth experience.

Lower Costs

Since we provide cardiology and diagnostic services and own several diagnostic centers we can deliver a much lower cost on expensive tests and referrals dramatically increasing your profitability.

Marketing Program

Marketing a healthcare practice can be challenging if not approached with the right knowledge, tools and guidance. We provide discounted marketing services so your practice can benefit from our experience in medical practice building. We can translate our success into yours. Specialized programs for marketing covering branding, web presence, collateral and patient acquisition programs.

Practice Enhancing Services

We are not a purely Medicare Advantage focused MSO. At EliteHealth MSO we offer an extensive array of services like wellness, nutrition, weight loss, allergy and DNA SNP testing, enhancing your offer and dramatically increasing profitability.

Physician Portal

Where most MSOs provide monthly reports our Physician Portal allows REAL TIME access and puts important data at your fingertips, at all times.
Please email admin@www.elitehealthmso.com for a demonstration on this Portal.

Referral Fee

We offer a one time $2500 referral fee when a referred physician joins our MSO.
Please email admin@www.elitehealthmso.com for all referrals.


We provide our own transportation aside from the one offered by Medicare Advantage, further enhancing benefits for our members.