Our Story

EliteHealth MSO was started four years ago out of the need to survive in a changing healthcare environment. For twenty years prior to this, we ran a thriving cardiology practice. But with decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs, we realized our model was no longer sustainable. We knew the answer was not seeing more patients, because the quality of care would suffer. We also valued our independence too much to become employees of a hospital or an insurance company.

Instead, we decided to transform our business model. We started an MSO (Management Service Organization) with a Medicare Advantage focus, converting our existing Medicare patients to Medicare Advantage plans and enrolling new patients through a large managed health care company. We quickly realized that by assuming the financial risk on Medicare patients and using the Medicare Advantage plan as our administrative arm, we could not only create a stable and consistent monthly revenue stream, but significantly improve our bottom line.

We now have thousands of patients and the MSO model has provided us with the financial freedom to practice the highest quality of care on our own terms.  Being paid for patient outcomes rather than fee-for-service inspires us to deliver the most effective, efficient care, which includes a proactive emphasis on wellness. And with guaranteed monthly income, we now have time for vacation and time to enjoy our families. Our patients are more satisfied and so are we.
Change can be for the better.

Come join our journey and see how you can thrive, as well.