The Pressure Is On

Doctors and their practices
continue to struggle financially

As health care evolves from a provider-driven to a market-driven system, physicians are understandably divided, bewildered, and confused about how to deal with reality.

Physicians are angry, frustrated, and to some extent, depressed because the world as they know it is changing rapidly and radically.

Change is coming as medicine is transformed from a profession into an industry. At the same time the health care pyramid has been inverted. At one time academic medical centers, hospitals, and physician specialists were on top; PCPs, corporate payers, health insurers, and managed care companies were on the bottom. Today, the opposite is true.


Doctors and their practices continue to struggle financially. The American Medical Group Association found that 81% of physicians reported in 2013 that profits were down while 43% were claiming to have trouble covering their practice expenses.

Factors such as dropping reimbursement rates, rising overhead and pressure to adopt new

technology make imminent the need to react to the realities of managed care and to adapt quickly to the new rules and the new realities.

The MSO model offers answers to two of the most common questions asked by physicians trying to make it today in solo or small group practices: How can I get help reducing administrative overhead, paperwork and the growing hassles of running a business? And how can I negotiate better managed care contracts and run that side of my business more efficiently?

The MSO model will allow you to quickly adapt, get free time and financial freedom while maintaining independence.